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Eu levo a vida com animação

Let’s make animation!

A Poeira Estúdio breathes animation. We believe in its potential to teach, to entertain and to stir emotions. The more access we have to this powerful tool, the bigger its power to spread knowledge and fun will be. For this reason, since 2006, we have developed the Oficinas Poeira de Animação (Poeira Animation Workshops), which we kindly refer to as “OPA”. Besides teaching the necessary techniques and resources so that the students can make their own animations, the projects helps build up values and skills, such as concentration, creativity, reasoning and socialization.

Our team, composed by professionals who have graduated in Animation, is ready to offer, in a didactic and playful way, a general view of the universe of animation through several techniques, such as drawing, clay and pixilation. The best part is that you don’t need to know how to draw or have experience in the area: you just need to want it!

We take our Animated Lab to schools, companies, shopping malls, private events and public places, such as parks and squares. We also offer special modules at our studio or at the student’s place. How about that?!

Know our workshops:

OPA Experiências Animadas

Animated Experiences: Open to the public and with constant turnover of students, where you can learn one of the many animation techniques, such as optical toys, cutouts, clay and pixilation.
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OPA Luz... Câmera... Animação

Light… Camera… Animation: Short term workshop which gathers theory and practice about several topics on animation, such as history, drawing, character creation.
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OPA Meu Primeiro Curta-metragem

My First Short Film: Workshop in which the participant will have the opportunity to learn all that is necessary to create stories and produce their own films.
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OPA Guia do Animador Iniciante

Animated School: Workshop which suggests the use of animation as a powerful tool in education through teaching several techniques of this process and how to apply it.
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OPA Animador Iniciante

Beginner Animator’s Guide: This workshop offers a deeper view on animation, in which the participant has the opportunity to pick a subject of their interest or one of our study programs.
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