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Eu levo a vida com animação

Have you ever thought about making your own animation projects? We believe everyone can, and should, give life to their sketches, characters and objects! Having that in mind, for over 5 years, we have been holding the Poeira Animation Workshops (Oficinas Poeira de Animação - OPA - in Portuguese), bringing learning, fun and creativity together.

The project offers an overview of the animation cinema universe, providing a first contact with this art. Students of all ages learn, in a playful way, the techniques and resources needed to make their own movies, even if they can't draw or have no experience in this field.

Poeira Studio takes this opportunity to assist in the development of values, skills and attitudes of each participant. It is great to see our students building up their best features: creativity, concentration, organization, reasoning, socialization and, of course, self esteem.

Wokshops can be hired so they can take place in schools, companies and even public locations. Some special modules are offered at our studio, as short courses. In this case, we always let people know about them through our social networks. Just keep an eye on them!

Animation techniques

Brinquedos Ópticos
Optical Toys

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